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Mangusta & Leopard Luxury Yachts

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Since its creation, Rodriguez Group has implemented an aggressive strategy, enabling the Group to regularly gain market share. This strategy is notably based on the following two strong directions.

Solid product differentiation
Since its origin, the Group has emphasized innovation when designing its yachts.
The range has always presented design, size and speed features well above industry average.
This trend will be further enhanced with the cessation of smaller models and the launch of very large models. Thus, the first Mangusta 165’ unit was delivered in July 2007 and will be followed by the Mangusta 148’ and Leopard 43, 46 and 56 meters in the years to come. Around 80% of new yacht sales will be achieved from 30-meter plus models from 2008.
Finally, the Group takes particularly good care in ensuring its yachts benefit from an optimum quality finish.
All these elements ensure that virtually all Group yachts are certified by Veritas or American Bureau of Shipping, who are amongst the most demanding quality labels in the world.

In order to differentiate itself from the large number of players on this market, Rodriguez Group always considered Pre-Sales and After-Sales Services as crucial in building client loyalty.
Over the years, the Service business has developed new activities: decoration, maintenance, rental, brokerage and yacht management.
The Group’s objective is to relieve clients from the burden of yacht management, in order to offer them “pure sea-faring pleasure”.
The unique combination of exceptional products and services ensures unrivalled recurring sales and client loyalty.

Mangusta Yachts

Leopard Yachts



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