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Integrity Yachts by Riviera

place holder photo

This picture represents where a Riviera Yacht photo can go.

We are both happy and proud to introduce Integrity Yachts, by Riviera here at Robert Christopher Yacht Sales in North America.

The name ‘Integrity’ represents the signature series yachts of Riviera Boat, which has been in the boat-building industry since 1980 and began building pleasure-crafts in 2004. Riviera has 30 years of experience in building commercial boats. The Integrity products are built in the UAE under the strictest quality controls with the latest materials and technology. In addition to boats and yachts, Riviera also offers maintenance and yard facilities for customers all over the globe.

Each boat is inspired by a particular element – earth, water, air and fire. Luxury, speed and excitement are guaranteed aboard the Integrity yachts.

The series is truly elemental, fascinating, and a pleasure to watch. Go for a ride, and feel at one with the elements of nature. Integrity Yacht is a new line of products. The yachts come in a range of sizes:
* 47′
* 55′
* 67′
* 90′

Robert Christopher Yacht Sales is proud to represent the Integrity line for U.S. and world-wide sales. We can offer the buyer ready to deliver vessels or one made to their specifications. Call us today to find out how easy it is to put yourself aboard one of these fine yachts. 

The 55′ Integrity at Play! Truly a fun, world class yacht.

The 55 Integrity is a getup and go world class yacht that is fast and sexy. She is built to the highest standards for the demanding oceans anywhere in the world. The speed and agility of a sport boat and the style and luxury of a big yacht.

The stairway to the bridgedeck is contoured and easy to access. Accented in teak she is both functional and elegant as is the rest of the yacht. The accent lighting here adds to the mystique of the rest of the yacht.

The bridge is spacious and is well thougth out for comfort, views, style and grace. She is the exotic place for relaxation you want for your day of sun and fun. However when the sun goes down she is has that night vision of a more exotic accent lighting. Your wont want to leave the bridge as the stars come out.

The bridge helm station is simply laid out and offers great visability for all handling at sea and in port. This yacht handles like an agle 40′ however the ride and comfort is that of the big yacht she really is.

The 55′ Integrity Lower Helm Station, Both functional and elegant. Your choice of electronics, and fabrics, This area is large and comfortable and allows for climate control all weather navigation.

The 55′ Integrity Salon. A vision in design elegance. Spacious and luxurious. The finest fabrics and leathers from around the world.

The 55′ Integrity Main Salon. Exceptional Luxury. The multi-level makes this a really fun place for entertaining.

And yes you can dance. Every Integrity comes with all the entertainment toys you would want.

55′ Integrity. Forward Master Stateroom. Comfort, luxury and elegance for the most demanding yachtsman. Storage space is abundant and your will enjoy the privacy of a large master stateroom.

55′ Integrity. Guest cabin, both comfort and style.

55′ Integrity. Head and shower 

55′ Integrity. Guest cabin, both comfort and style.

55′ Integrity. Head and shower

The 90′ Integrity. We are now taking orders and delivery may be less than twelve months.
Watch for more information soon on these great yachts.



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